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All IT Matters run workshops are listed on facebook here IT Matters Training Events . 

Below is a summary list of current training in Northwich & Chester, click here to see training at MMU Birley or Crewe .

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New for 2018 

Makaton Workshop for Party Entertainers

This 3.5 hour session will introduce Makaton and look at how we communicate and how Makaton helps. You will learn some everyday signs along with signs suitable for children’s parties/event. Workshop is in Northwich on 26th March from 10.30am


Makaton Signing for Babies

Makaton Signing for Babies training is a series of sessions designed to encourage the development of communication and language skills in babies and toddlers. All the sessions are fun and interactive They include approximately 100 signs and symbols using songs, games and activities. Sessions are typically run with children, however these sessions are for adults only to train on the content of the sessions for those wanting to go into the MSB train the Trainer Workshop Duration 6 one hour sessions covered over 2 part days 10am - 2pm.



Makaton Signing for Babies – Train the Trainer Workshop

A Makaton Signing for Babies Trainer can deliver Makaton Signing for Babies to parents, carers and Early Years Professionals and the children in their care. Makaton Signing for Babies Trainer Training This training focuses on information giving, signing and activities. It also includes sessions on the delivery of Makaton Signing for Babies, paying particular attention to the format and presentation of sessions, to encourage learning while having fun. Additional signs and symbols related to babies and toddlers are taught.


Makaton  – Early Years  (with Nursery Rhymes & Stories)Makaton Sing & Story 20180126

  • Northwich 26th January 2018 click here includes Nursery Rhymes and Storytelling
  • Chester – 14th February  2018 click here includes Nursery Rhymes


Makaton Foundation / BeginnersMakaton Beginners 2018 CIL FEB

  • Chester (Foundation) £110 22nd & 23rd January 2018 click here – fully booked
  • Northwich (Beginners) £100 9th & 16th February 2018 click here
  • Chester (Foundation) £110 1st & 2nd May 2018 click here 


Makaton Enhancement / Follow UpMakaton Follow up 2018

  • Chester (Enhancement) £165 Starts 7th February 2018  click here
  • Northwich (Follow Up) £100 16th March 2018 click here


Makaton SafeguardingMakatonSafeguarding DP 2018

  • Chester – £150 5th & 6th February click here




INtro To Numcon Chester 2017

Introduction to Numicon and Making Maths Visual



If you would like to attend any training event or enquire about on-site or bespoke training please contact Amanda