Makaton Signing For Babies and Families (MSBF)

This is a 6 session workshop that teaches early signs and symbols alongside resources, songs and activities. Its practical, requires no previous knowledge and most importantly it’s fun! Siblings are welcome to join in as are additional family members

IT Matters run these sessions face to face and on zoom. Some of our sessions are funded for families/carers supporting children with learning disability, autism and/or communication delay/difficulties. Amanda and Jake are both MSBF Trainers – see all about Jake below

There are no planned sessions currently to book – if you are interested pls contact

To enquire about future courses or group bookings please contact

Hi My Names Jake Glennon and I am a MSB Trainer.

When I was 4 years old, my cousin Alice was born with Down’s syndrome. My family started to use Makaton together. Me and Alice have very a special bond and she still inspires to learn and further my training every day so I can help children and adults like her have equal communication opportunities. You can check me and Alice out on our YouTube channel AJ Reports.

I have delivered numerous Makaton Signing for Babies courses to families online through lockdown, I have enjoyed seeing babies and young children engaging and interacting over zoom and watching their communication develop every week. Its so rewarding when I have parents contact me and say, ”look he’s doing his first sign!” or “look at her responding to me“ Its so rewarding that I get to share their big milestones!

From one of my courses, you can expect a relaxed and fun learning environment with lots of singing and dancing and general silliness as I’m a big believer of learning through play! I am so passionate about communication and helping every child have the same opportunities in life as everyone else because IT MATTERS!

Thank you for reading all about me and I look forward to seeing you on one of my courses in the future.

Many thanks Jake!