Strictly Live Tour 2023

Alice is super excited to be going to see the Strictly Live Tour 2023. She knows the format as she has been to previous tours and it looking forward to seeing her favourite celebrities and professional dancers

Helen will be partnered with Kai – that’s a change Alice didn’t understand, so we have made a live tour scoresheet, You can download it here :

Alice simply can not wait for the BBC Strictly Come dancing Special in Christmas Day! She is most looking forward to seeing George and Amy dancing and would love them to be winners!

Here is Alice’s inclusive scoresheet, we have left the option to match the dancers too if you want to keep that as a surprise for the day

Merry Christmas & Keeeep Dancing!!

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2022

Strictly Come Dancing 2022 – Series 20 ! Who will win the Glitter Ball Trophy!?!

Huge congratulations to Hamza and Jowita on lifting the Glitter Ball Trophy 2022!

Alice was delighted to see them win – she was happy to see any of the finalists win as she loved them all this year!

Now she is looking forward to the Strictly Live tour in January 2023 – have you got your tickets yet?

Here is the final results – if you wanted an end of show summary

Congratulations to our SCD Finalists 2022!

Alice can’t wait to see who will lift the Glitter Ball this Saturday – here is our downloadable scoresheet:

Sunday 11th December is the Semi Finals ( week 12!)

Alice is super excited that there will be 2 dances this week, but confused why this is not happening on Saturday

Good luck to all the couple – we are sad that Kym & Graziano didn’t make it = the competition is so close now

Here is your Semi final scoresheet to download

Its Week 11 – Musicals week!

So sad that Ellie & Johannes didn’t make it through to week 11.We are so excited to be seeing the Musicals brought to life again on the Strictly dancefloor.

Here is your Musicals week matching and scoresheet resource – have fun!

Week 9 Blackpool ! Wow what a show

We saw several Thanks yous this week – THANK YOU

Sadly though we had to say goodbye to Tyler & Dianne !

We were so sad to see them go we mashed up out best bits and posted this (see video)

Here is your week 10 Scoresheet:

Week 8 and we saw Tony & Katya leave the competition.

What a fab week for 10s and signed Thank Yous!

We cant wait to see all remaining couple dance in the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

Here is your Week 9 Scorecard

Week 7 saw a shock and sad departure, we think it was way to soon to say Goodbye to Ellie & Nikita – do you agree? Not only were Ellie & Nikita awesome on the dance floor, they were also #StrictlySigning Superstars remembering to sign Thank you for their votes, every single week! AMAZING

Here is your week 8 scoresheet

Week 7 already !?!

Week 6 was amazing! How fantastic were the costumes and make up! Sensational

Alice was sad to see Fleur and James in the dance off. It was far too soon to say goodbye to James and Amy

What was truly wonderful was the couple signing THANK YOU for their public votes..Alice took to twitter and Instagram straight away to thank everyone who did.

Here is your week 7 scoresheet

Week 5 and what an amazing show! Lots of you enjoyed using our scoresheet, particularly matching the BBC show to the couple dance.

Alice loved everything about week 5 apart from Jayde and Karen leaving the show.

The most amazing thing was a record number of signed ‘ Thank Yous’ on Sunday evenings how. Alice had send a few polite reminders and requests to the celebrities and so was delighted when they signed thank you.

This week we are on the look out for some SPOOKY SIGNING in the Strictly Halloween Special Here is our scoresheet

Week 4 we saw all the dancers level up! The routines were amazing! Well done to Fleur, Tyler & Hamza on their double 10s this week.

We were so sad to see Matt Goss leave the competition and hope he #KeepsDancing !

The BBC has turned 100 and the 12 remaining couples will be dancing in a celebration of all things BBC. Use our Week 5 TV show matching sheet to pair the correct TV show to the dancers – Don’t forgot to write down those week 5 scores too :

Wow! Movie week was amazing!

Alice was delighted to see the first 10’s of this series go to Tyler & Dianne. And sent them a video showing just how happy she was. We also had to say goodbye to Richie & Giovanni – what a surprise! Here is your week 4 Score Sheet

What am amazing start to SCD 2022! We saw FIVE couples signing ‘Thanks You’ How inclusive is that! Thank you all!

See Alice’s twitter video –>

It was such a shame to lose Kaye and Kai in week 2 – Alice wonders what Kaye’s Movie choice would be?!

That’s right week 3 is Movie Week !!! Alice has made a special sheet to match the movies to the dance pairs as well as recording their results on Sundays ‘red light show’! Enjoy & Keep signing!

Wow ! What a launch show! Alice guessed 1 strictly pairing correctly – Ellie & Nikita, and she guessed there would be 2 same sex couples this year.

We have quickly put together our week 1 & 2 score sheet – assuming same format as last year and you can download it here: https://inclusiveteachingmatters.files.wordpress.com/2022/09/scd-2022-week-1.pdf

Its the Launch show tonight!!! Finally – after a wait that seemed forever, Alice will find out who the near dance pairings are.

She will have her pack ready to match as they are announced to help her remember , and track who is left to partner as the show proceeds . Excited is an understatement! Join in and download the resource by clicking here https://inclusiveteachingmatters.files.wordpress.com/2022/08/scd-match-the-partners-2022.pdf

Alice made all her predictions in August and you can see all the videos here at Hello to Alice

Here are some responses from the Strictly Celebrities:

Alice with Nancy, Cameron & Jowita – Vocals Max George

16th August 2022: All 15 Celebrities are announced and Alice could not be more excited! She can not wait for the 10th September launch show to see who is dancing with who!

Watch this space for news on our SCD Match the Partners Game…Alice has started to trial it – here are some of her predictions so far! Do you agree? Please comment on twitter @MakatonYou

Christmas Special – 25th December 2021

We are so lucky there is a Christmas Special this Saturday, Alice was sad Series 19 had finished but now so is super excited about the new celebrities.

I haven’t told Alice who the dance partners are yet so we are going to play a matching game to get to know them before we get to see then dance and record their score on Christmas day. We also have a Glitter Star to stick onto the winning couples line.

If you want to play along you can download the resource here:

SCD Series 19 has started !

Alice and her Mum have written a blog about #StrictlySigning 2021 – how the resources have helped others access the show and all about the signing! You can read it on the Makaton website here : bit.ly/SCD2021Alice

Huge congratulations to winners Rose & Giovanni! My goodness what a final – the show was amazing and just like to judges, Alice could not decide who she wanted to win.

Its been an amazing series, not just the dancing, glitz and sequins but in terms of awareness and inclusion. Here is our final results- ending positions sheet for Series 19:

Its final day and we are gutted with the news that AJ and Kai are unable to perform and have no choice but to leave the competition, So the final will be between the two remaining couples, Rose & Giovanni and John & Johannes – Alice loves them both!

Alice is very confused with this news so we have updated the final score sheet to help understanding – and we are sharing it with you all here:

Its the FINALS !!! We are so excited about this Saturdays final and can’t wait to see who will lift the Glitter Ball trophy! We have a special score card to note down the judges scores from all 3 dances – the couples favourite ( best) dance, the judges choice and the show dance.

We have everything crossed that AJ will be able to perform despite her injury this week – as a contingency we have left Rhys & Nancy on the page .

Good luck to all our finalists and keep dancing ! THANK YOU love Alice xx

Week 12 – Its the Semi Finals ! So excited to fund out who will be our final 3 – we wish it could be final 4 as all couples are amazing. This week there will be 2 dances per couple so we have changed the score sheet so you can keep tabs on both scores and the total – see below

This week was Alice’s birthday and to celebrate Mum customised a special POP CRAIG game for her which she loved – as did POP Pirate Creators Tomy Toys.

Week 11 – It’s Quarter Finals week already – can you believe it!

Alice loved seeing lots of thanks yous last week here is her tweet and the week 11 scoresheet download!

Alice loved Giovanni and Rose’s Week 9 Musicals Dance so must she shared this video with them on Twitter – she was totally overwhelmed that Giovanni Responded – Beaming smiles all round

Week 10 and we are down to 6 couples! Who is going to make the quarter final next week? Could this be the week everyone who gets voted through signs a THANK YOU!?!

Here is your 10 Score Sheet to download:

Week 9 and its Musicals week! Excited is an understatement. Alice cant wait to see the couples dancing to her favourite Musical numbers – so this week we have a matching game! Match the Musical to the couple. Alice made a special video for Rose & Giovanni as they are dancing to one of her favourite songs to sign – see below!

Download the free resource below and get your scissors and Glue stick ready !

Hope you have fun and look out for any #StrictlySigning, remember #keepdancing!

Week 8 Already and as we have passed the halfway mark we have changed the score sheet.

Last week we saw lots of #StrictlySigning with a record number of ‘thank you’s’ signed – Thank you !

We have made a ‘Who left from week 2-7 ‘ sheet , and condensed our week 8 score sheet to only those couples still in the competition

WOW! Week 7 Already and we have been sharing flashbacks to when Janette and Dr Ranj signed Fireworks in 2018! We are hoping to see FIREWORKS signs this Saturday.

Download your week 7 score sheet above and your week 6 results sheet below!


Week 6 and its HALLOWEEN Week ! We cant wait to see the costumes and dances. We know the songs that the contestants will be dancing to and so we have added a Makaton Symbol matching game to the Week 6 score sheet – many thanks to the Makaton Charity for permissions. Why not download it and play along!

In Week 5 we sadly said Goodbye to Ugo and Oti, but were so pleased to see inclusive communication /signing from Rose, Giovanni, Tilly, Nikita , AJ, John, Amy & Tom – THANK YOU its means to world to viewers like Alice

Week 5 is here and Alice is trying to encourage as many couples as possible to sign HELLO and not wave goodbye from to top of the Strictly Stairs

Please support her tweets @MakatonYou, where she is sharing her videos as we try to encourage more understanding of inclusive communication

We were so sad to see Greg Wise and Karen Hauer ( one of Alice’s favourite pro dancers) leave the show in Week 4.

You can download your week 5 score sheet and week 4 results here:

Singing Hello not Goodbye!

Week 4 Already!

Wow – we can’t believe its already week 4 and its sad that Dianne & Robert have had to leave the competition. Ugo and Oti will be missing a week and not dancing in week 4 .

Here is our inclusive score sheet resource for Week 4:

How Amazing was Movie Week ! Costumes, Make up and Dances – it was Amazing

Alice also loved seeing lots of signing – including Craig – which made Alice’s night!

Alice tweets her thanks and suggestions for signs @MakatonYou and on Instagram hello_to_alice

If you would like a completed Week 3 Score sheet you can download it here:

Week 3 is Movie Week – and we couldn’t be more excited!

There are lots of Alice’s favourites included so we have decided to match the movie to the dancers on the night – if you want to join in too here is out free download:

Week 2 Results – Wow what a show!

Week 2 saw lots of #StrictlySigning from Diane, Rose, Giovanni. John, Tess and more!! So sad Amy and Tom had to miss out, and that Neil and Nina were voted the first to leave the show.

Well done Katie & Gorka for surviving the dance-off!

You can download the week 2 fully inclusive results here :

Its week 2 2nd Oct 2021

Would you like some help to keep track of the scores from week 1 and 2 – Alice likes to record them and refer to them throughout the show as they usually don’t appear on the screen for very long! It also helps her understand when everyone has danced as every box has a score.

Alice helped with this resource – it has all the week 1 scores already so you can add week 2 scores as they are awarded during the show – have fun! #StrictlySigning

Week 1 25th Sept 2021

WOW! What an amazing start to this series we had in Week 1! The dancing was FAB-U-LOUS and we even saw some #StrictlySigning.

Amy & Tom gave us an inclusive HELLO at the start of the show – not waving Goodbye signalling the end which gets a HUGE 10 from Alice,

Hello from Amy & Tom #StrictlySigning

Alice loved seeing Giovanni signing with Rose and set them this special message via twitter and facebook

Alice loved seeing Giovanni signing with Rose and set them this special message

Launch Show 18th Sept 2021

So we now know who is dancing with who – Alice thinks the pairings are FAB-U-LOUS!

You can still download the match game below – if you want a completed set then download our ‘Meet the Partners’ Resource here:

If you want to use the matching resource to keep track of the pairings yourself here is the free resource :

Thank you to www.makaton.org for their kind permission to share the symbols used in these resources.

To see how the resource is used watch last years video – Alice’s video from 2020

February 2020 – The LIVE TOUR

Alice was lucky to attend to relaxed live tour performance in Nottingham and got to present her #StrictlySigning 2019 Awards to the amazing inclusive stars of the show.

The relaxed performance was perfect for Alice and she managed to watch the whole show and didn’t miss a thing! Roll on 2020SCD and our next batch of #StrictlySigning stars!

7th January 2020 – Alice’s #StrictlySigning Blog

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is picture2.png

Wow Strictly Come Dancing 2019 was an amazing series made all the more special by the twitter interactions between Alice @MakatonYou and the Strictly Celebrities & Professional Dancers!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is picture1.png

Throughout the show the cast remained in contact with Alice replying to her weekly Makaton video tweets, and we saw a record number of #strictlysigning on the show.

Here is Alice’s 2019 #StrictlySigning story https://www.makaton.org/blog/out-and-about/strictlysigning

November 2019 – Sally Phillips Introduction

Alice was asked to present an award at the ‘Time to Shine’ 2019 Graduation Ceremony in Cornwall – here is her introduction by the fabulous Sally Phillips!

Final Week SCD 2019

Alice had some many Champions and Hero’s to thank this season, so she summarised it here – enjoy!

Week 8 SCD 2019

Wow Alice has had such an amazing response from the Stars of Strictly to her #StrictlySigning Campaign this season – here are the highlights so far ….#keepsigning!

We think Emma Barton will be out Strictly Signing Champion!

7th September 2019 – Strictly Come Dancing Returns!

Alice is so excited to have the 2019 Strictly season start. All celebrities and dancers named and lots of chat about who will be partnered with who! Which duo will hold the Glitter Ball in 2019!

As last year we are promoting inclusion and supporting people with communication difficulties access this amazing show. Alice will be looking for our #strictlysigning Champions – who will take the Baton from Dr Ranj!

To get started here is your ‘Match the Partners’ game, You can use this for pre show fun to predict who will be matched, or during the show to keep track of what is happening .This pack really helped us introduce the new celebrities to Alice last year and helped her remember who was paired – hope its useful for you!


Here is how to download and  use it!

  1. Step 1 – down load the free Makaton Symbol ‘Match the Dance Partners’ Resource from :Match the Dance Partners #strictlysigning
  2.  Step 2 – if you prefer to use the Celebrity Images instead of names you can download them from the BBC site here :https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006m8dq  cut them up and stick over each celebrities name, as we have,
  3.  Step 3. Print out the Pro (Dancers) images from the BBC site here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/profiles/3QxDn83kfQ52nlm0YVJrJnv/professional-dancers cut them up and get ready to match to their Celebrity dance Partner during the launch show
  4.  Step 4 – Keep Dancing ! #StrictlySigning

THE LIVE TOUR January 2019!

Alice loved going to see the Live Tour at Liverpool in January 2019 . It was a very special day as Dr Ranj paid tribute to Alice and her Makaton Campaign on the LIVE SHOW! .Here is what happened – we couldn’t believe it!!

Thank you to Dr Ranj for making Alice’s dreams come true x

Read our blog here :strictly-signing with Alice and Dr Ranj

THE STRICTLY FINAL !! How excited are we ?

We are hoping for one last sign of ‘glitter ball’ this week as the SCD 2018 Season comes to an end.

Click here to see Dr Ranj signing Glitter Ball!

Here is our final score sheet and completed summary for the series

SCD 2018 final

SCD Final

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

Keep Signing & Dancing .

Week 12 –  SEMIIIIIIII’s!!!


This season has flown by…can’t believe it’s the semi finals already!

Not expecting to see any #sign this week but know its will be an exciting show!

Here are our new semi -finals & finals inclusive templates so you can keep track of the scoring!!:

SCD 2018 semi

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

Keep Signing & Dancing

Week 11 –  Saturday 1st December

It’s Movie Week!

Sadly said goodbye to Graeme & Oti last week, and who now will make it through to the Final!!!

Here are our inclusive templates for this weeks scoring:

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

SCD 2018 Week 11

Keep Signing & Dancing

(just like Alice & Jake here –> )!

dancing alice

Week 10 – Saturday 24th November

Sadly Kate & Aljaz left the competition last week. Here are our inclusive templates for this weeks scoring:

SCD 2018 Week 10

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

If you missed our Strictly Judges signing last week here it is!:

Keep Signing & Dancing!

Week 9 – Saturday 17th November


Everything crossed that we see Blackpool signed once on tonight’s show, here is Alice showing you how it’s done ! click here

Good luck SCD Pairs  – here are this weeks #inclusive score sheets:

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

SCD 2018 Week 9

Keep Signing & Dancing!

Week 8 – Saturday 10th November

Who was sad to see our fellow signers Dr Ranj & Janette leave the competition last week? We were extremely sad – and want to say a BIG thank you to them both for including signers (BSL,SSE and  Makaton) on the show.

This week the competition really hots up as BLACKPOOL looms! I wonder how many times we will hear the word BLACKPOOL in tonight’s episode? I am guessing it will be many , how wonderful would it be to see it signed just once!? Fingers crossed.

If you want to practise your tower ballroom signing  here is the something special episode link to iplayer where Justin is at the famous ballroom. https://bbc.in/2DdexUi

To sign BLACKPOOL we use the the finger spelling B + P  – here is a link to a free Makaton Finger Spelling Chart http://bit.ly/MakatonNAME


Here are week 7’s score sheets to download:

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

SCD 2018 Week 8

Keep Signing & Dancing!

Week 7 – Saturday 3rd November

We were absolutely thrilled to see Dr Ranj & Janette sign ‘Halloween’ on the Strictly stairs last week – and it didn’t go unnoticed! Thanks you ! See ‘The Sun’ article here.

Fingers crossed this week for some explosive signing! Lovely to see viewer Zoe suggesting some signs here and shared by Dr.Ranj himself!

Here are week 7’s score sheets to download:

Keep Signing & Dancing!

Week 6 – Saturday 27th October

We are super excited about Halloween week – hoping to see some Makaton Halloween signs on the show – download your free Makaton signs and symbols here:


Here are week 6’s score sheets to download:

Keep Signing & Dancing!

Week 5 – Saturday 20th October

Wow – what a series so far! We can’t wait to see this weeks dancing, especially the new Couples Choice .

Also hoping Dr Ranj & Janette will treat us to another ‘sign on the stairs’ this week !

Lets make this show more inclusive. #keepsigning.

Why not learn a few signs yourself with this download from the Makaton Charity.

It costs £2.15 and is full of lots of useful signs and symbols:   Makaton Dance Download


Here is your free weekly score summary and week 5 score sheet:

SCD 2018 Week 5  

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

Keep Dancing!

Week 4 – Saturday 13th October

What an amazing show last Saturday was – topped by the lovely Dr Ranj & Janette signing ‘Glitter Ball’ at the start of the show #inclusion #itmatters – thank you!

See Dr Ranj & Janette sign Glitter Ball here 

Would love to see more signing on the show – maybe a ‘fab-u-lous’ from Craig next!? Here is our updated weekly score summary and your score sheet to use for week 4.


SCD 2018 Week 4

SCD 2018 Weekly Score Summary

Dr Ranj and Janette’s score may not have been the highest but they were week 3 winners to us!

Keep Signing & Dancing!

Week 3 – Da Da Da Da Da Dah…Saturday 6th October

We said goodbye to Susannah & Anton last week, and kept on top of the scores using our Numicon shapes!

Here are the updates score sheets from week 2 and a week 3 score sheet if you are playing along with us:

Keep Dancing!   http://bit.ly/DANCEmakaton

Week 2 Saturday 29th September is almost upon us! Almost as soon as we got to know the couples, one pair are almost set to leave the competition!

This week we have a new score card to combine week 1 & week 2 scores as well as see who is in the dance off and who isn’t going through to week 3. We also have a series score card to update each week and keep a track of those scores.

We found it very difficult last week to keep track of the scores( they appear on the screen for a matter of seconds)  ..so this week we are going to get out the Numicon shapes! We have 4 sets of 1-10 shapes for each judge so we can select the Numicon shape each time and then put the 4 shapes together to match the total. – Look out for next weeks update to see how we did!

If you would like to try this and haven’t got any Numicon shapes then to start with you can use these paper cut out shapes from Oxford University Press click here.

Saturday 22nd September is the start of the dancing competition, and to help us follow and remember what is happening and who is with who ( there are so many dance couples at the beginning!) we have a score sheet all ready for week 1.

No -one will be leaving the competition this week, so they are all winners and we can still have fun putting the pairs in order of the highest Judges scores.  We can use the dance off column for that, or can cut out rows and sequence in the order of highest scores.


Our score sheet that we use at home has Makaton symbols to show what the celebrities really do – so we can get to know them a bit more…but this download doesn’t have the symbols due to copyright…you can take our lead and draw them on yourselves – a good preshow activity.

SCD Week 1 Scoring Card- click on

Simply note the scores,  and  tick who is in the dance off and who are winners ( through to the next week) Exciting stuff!

Linked below  is  the #wetalkmakaton you tube channel for the ‘Dance’ sign and symbol!

Keep signing & dancing!

So September 8th marked the star of the 2018 Strictly session and to kick start getting to know this seasons celebrities and new dancers we used a Makaton Symbol Matching game.

It was great fun and worked a treat keeping everyone engaged whilst we patiently waited to see who would be partnered with who! We even sent some pre show predictions through to Kevin Clifton and Dr Ranj!

Keep signing & dancing