#MakatonChester B&W3PJuly saw the launch of the #MakatonChester Campaign – Making Chester the first Makaton FrienMF Makometerdly City.

We are aiming to achieve 50 Makaton friendly organisations, and  we were proud to award 4 new Makaton Friendly Accreditations at the event, taking our current total to 8 (15% there already!)

We had around 40 organisations sign up at the launch , if you couldn’t make the event and want to be involved you can find out more here – Training Invitation

To sign please use this form s the sign up form-  #MakatonChester Sign up Form. 

More about Makaton

Did you know that over 100,000 people in the UK depend upon Makaton in order to communicate?
Makaton is an effective language programme that uses signs and/or symbols alongside the spoken word and gives everyone a helping hand to communicate. Makaton supports children and adults with communication needs including those associated with learning disability, autism, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, developmental language disorders (DLD), acquired aphasia (stroke), dementia and English as an additional language- in other words lots of people who regularly use your services.
Imagine walking into a shop and not being understood – that is what many Makaton users experience every day.

As Makaton supports speech it is easy and fun to learn. A 2-hour workshop tailored to suit your organisation or environment will give you all the skills you need to get started.
Is this relevant to me?
If your organisation involves communicating members of the public, be it pub, café, school, charity, church or any public service, this is for you!
This launch event is open to everyone who wants to make their organisation a more inclusive and Makaton friendly environment. You will join representatives from diverse organisations.