Amanda is  a Regional Makaton Tutor and enjoys delivering training to parents, carers and professionals supporting children that are using Makaton as part of their communication strategy.

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Our Makaton workshops help develop better communication with your child, pupil, patient or customer.

All workshops are Makaton accredited and include:

  • An introduction to Makaton – an overview tailored to your setting which includes 30 Makaton signs ( 10 are personalised) over a 90 minute workshop
  • Makaton with Song – a lively 3 hour workshop aimed at Early Years covering 10 Nursery Rhymes including over 100 signs. Suitable for people with or without prior Makaton knowledge.
  • Makaton for Parents/Carers – includes Beginners ( stages 1-4) and Follow Up (stages 5-8) workshops. Both workshops can be spread across 2 full or 4 half day sessions
  • Makaton for Professionals – includes Foundation and Enhancement Workshops, which as above can both be split across 2 full or 4 half day sessions


  • Makaton with Storytelling – a fun personalised workshop looking at the Makaton Charity resources and applying them along side reading and activities – for some more information click here

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If you are interested in our Makaton workshops then please contact us to discuss: