What our Customers say…

University Students:customer

“Amanda was brilliant. I really enjoyed the session and found it both interesting and useful”

“Exceeded my expectations, was really interested and engaged. Course was personal and had real examples and solutions! Really useful and really enjoyed the lecture”

“Amanda was fantastic. I found this session very interesting and useful as it can be applied to all children”

Primary School Staff:

“A super course! Can not wait to use in reception”

“A handbook of tried and tested activities/examples of using Numicon in year 6”

“Just wish we could have had longer!”


“Good open ended challenges set, low threshold high ceiling”

“I am certainly going to use this with my 2/3 class”

“There are lots of activities which I would like to look into further – I think the children would respond well to it.”


“Brilliant course, very well presented. Very interesting”

“Fantastic Workshop – loved it”

“Amanda was very knowledgeable and approachable “

“Definitely want to continue with more training, my son is already starting to sign back to me”

“Really enjoyed the Makaton training, Amanda was extremely helpful and supportive”

Down Syndrome Learning Profile:

“An excellent session, delivered in a fun clear way “

“Extremely informative, examples provided including real resources were helpful, excellent delivery, very personable”

“Course was very useful and insightful, thank you.”

One thought on “What our Customers say…

  1. Wonderful and very smartly presented yet still a calm and relaxed environment. Thoughly enjoyed the course and would love to go further in the future. Thank you Amanda!


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