Inclusive Education

iPad and Special Apps Training



We run tailored training on how to use iPads and Specific Applications to support learning, inclusion and resources for children who are visual learners.

Included are apps to  support for reading, writing and communication, as well as general support to getting the most from using an iPad.


Supporting children with Down Syndrome



IT Matters delivers training sessions/workshops about how having Down Syndrome can impact a child’s learning and life experiences, and how we can use their strengths to support the challenges they face.

These sessions can range from one hour to full day workshop, and are tailored to suit the audience stretching from Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching students to Businesses, and  Community Groups/Services.
We aim to give the attendees and insight, understanding and the confidence in their approach and interaction with a child with Down Syndrome.

For education professions this session supports inclusion within the classroom, and includes effective strategies and resources for inclusion and differentiation for all pupils. #Inclusiveteachingmatters.