Recital – This is the spoken words and Makaton Signs we will be using during the GWR Attempt.

Finger Spelling – only initial name letter used:

This is the Script:


Venue and Entrance Details:Slide1

Venue Layout:





  1. Room set up complete with colour coded seats, stewards in place with correct clip boards for recording
  2. Cameras in place fot room, aerial and door filming.
  3.  Door controls in place with wristbands ready to allocate
  4. Time keepers, Claxton and Makaton Auditors in position
  5.  Independent assessors check complete
  6. Doors open – counted entrance – Doors closed
  7. Claxton sounds and GWR attempt begins
  8. During the tome before the Claxton sounds again the stewards will note any one in their section either not participating or leaving their area. The Makaton assessor will confirm that Makaton signs are in use.
  9. When the second Claxton signals the end the timekeepers will record the elapsed time and sign off.
  10. The stewards will all sign off and hand in their sheets and all video footage shared.
  11. The Door controllers will hand in all wristbands not utilised confirming the count number.
  12. The Auditors will review all the above  collated evidence and sign off their approval checklists.
  13.  All evidence will be compiled and uploaded onto the GWR Application.